Norris and his Subaru Impreza


One of my all time favourite calls despite him being irate with me. I work for a vehicle glass supplier who work with most leading car insurance companies. Norris calls up, clearly quite old, take his vehicle reg, open up job, car comes up as Subaru Impreza, lol, no mobile number, no email, go to read out insurance script, he interrupts me to say “I can’t cope with this”, lol, race through the rest of insurance script, try to asses the damage, he’s adamant it’s a chip repair, it wasn’t, he got irate, booked him in for chip repair to save arguing:

Me: “So Norris are you ready to pay your £10 excess payment?”
Norris: “Nope, bye!” *disconnects call*

Later I saw the technician unsecured his job and advised him to book for replacement.


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I tell Darren he called the wrong number, then he asks if he called the wrong number.

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