I tell Darren he called the wrong number, then he asks if he called the wrong number.


Context: I work for a transport company. We have two main lines. The second one is for big companies we have contracts with. Think Walmart, Costco, Lowes, big-ass-retail-store, etc. So that line could be for the bookshelf you just ordered from Home Depot, or it could be 30 crates of the same stuff. I’m only trained to answer our first line, not that one.
I explained this to the gentleman who was inquiring about a shipment’s status and this was his answer:

Customer: So you can’t tell me anything about my shipment?

Me: I wish I could sir, but I’m not trained in that department and they are currently closed. What I can do though, is give you the phone number to their main line so that they can help you when you contact them tomorrow.

C: *sighs* I just want to know basic stuff. Anyway, what’s that number?

Me: It’s 1-800-SHIPPER.

C: I don’t understand though, can’t you tell me where my shipment is? (getting angry)

Me: All I see is that it’s at (terminal location), but it might not be the case. I can’t see more than that.

C: Why not?? If you can see where it is, you should be able to tell me what I want to know!

Me: I don’t have the proper training or access to-

C: Did I call the wrong number or something??

Me: Uhm… Yes. That’s why I gave you the *correct* number to call. (genius)

…awkward silence…

Me: Anything else I can help you with today? 🙂


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