Thanksgiving is coming up and guess who will be closed?


Hi! The Thanksgiving holidays are coming up this week in the USA. That means that the odds are almost 100% that your Doctor, Lawyer, Plumber, local utility service Etc will be closed on Thursday and probably 75% chance that they will also be closed on Friday. And probably a 50% chance they will be closing early on Wednesday.

Many of these businesses will have someone who is “On-Call” to take emergency calls but if you are calling to check an appointment time or schedule an appointment we might be able to take a message, but we don’t have access to those records or the ability to set appointments.

What I’m getting at here is, plan early if you can. If you need to schedule an appointment call today or tomorrow. If you need a prescription filled, call as soon as the office opens. If you need to speak with your lawyer, you better get dialing. Trying to reach a public utility, you got the same things going on there, they will be closed too.

Reach out to elderly family members and remind them that the holiday is coming up, so that they can make their calls early as well.

Yes there will be true emergencies. Uncle Fred will clog the toilet. The hot water heater will go out. A water line will break. The heating system will stop working. That is what on-call staff is for. They can’t set appointments or look them up.
TLDR: 7 P’s – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pee Poor Performance. If a business is not a retail operation odds are they will be closed on Thursday AND Friday.


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