Mother fing Ahole


Soooo….. Heads up several curse words

I am currently training someone, at this point listening to calls and stepping in when needed.

I am also going through some very nasty withdrawals from my meds. Dizzy, vomiting, irritable, in pain and not sleeping.

I came to work because we are already short and there are too many newbies and not enough trainers.

I had to step into a call, dude was rude. Very rude and condescending. Then he hung up on me. Me not realizing that trainee is still on the line called him a mother fucking asshole, it just came out….

Apologized to trainee, explained that it was inappropriate and told her that I feel like crap and am out if my meds

Now I get to wait and see if either that call gets pulled or if she reports me….

Lesson learned call the f out when you don’t feel well.

Damn. Never had a write up, been with the company for several years and am actually in a different department. Just training because our call center is super short staffed. Husband thinks it’s funny. I know I’d be freaking out normally but right now I don’t give a flying fuck.

How’s y’all’s Monday going?


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