Why do people make calls for no reason.

Me: “Thank you for calling ___ America’s Drive in how may I help you today?”

Them:” I tried to call the drive in I went to but they aren’t answering.. My chicken sandwhich wasn’t on regular bun, I’m missing my double cheese burger, and I’m missing my chocolate shake”
-fast foward-

Me:” I have all the information documented. Would you like to go ahead and receive our free with purchase coupons if you have the app for those items?”

Them:” No.”

Me:” Would you like to receive a giftcard then for the price?”

Them: “…. Can’t I just go to the restaurant I went to and get my food? ”

Me:” Yes… If you would like to receive food that is …always an option…”

Them: “Well how do i do that? Do I just tell them you sent my information over? ”

Me:” You….can…just tell them exactly what you told me and say you want the items you are missing? ”

Them: “OH!…ok…ill do that, thank you thank you!”
😡😡😡 WHAT WAS THE POINT OF CALLINGGGGGGG MEEEEEE… We are not the restaurant you went to. We wouldn’t know if one of our random restaurants in Wisconsin will make your food or give you your items. That is up to whoever works there… Some managers don’t do it without a receipt.. some don’t do it after you already left… Some managers do just on belief… You gonna have to go up there and find out…

What do you think?

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