Being called a millennial when I am far from it


I am a work from home customer service rep for a major pharmacy. I take calls from mostly retirees and seniors but get every age of member under the sun. I am a Gen x and my daughter’s are a millennial and a Gen z. I talk fast at times and so do my girls. So here goes the story.

Member calls and is a Boomer and says to me “you need to slow down. You millennials are all alike. Talking too fast for us boomers to understand” I did not correct her just slowed down. At the end of the conversation she stated again about “you millennials” and I let her know that I was far from that but just talked fast sometimes. She apologized and was nicer to me and I was somewhat flattered at someone thinking I was younger than I was. Happens all the time. My customer service voice is a lot different from my regular talking voice and I am not sure why. It just happens.

Get a lot of calls like that. Older boomers or Gen x’ers trying to flirt. It’s nice sometimes. Harmless really. Not a big story just thought I would share.


What do you think?

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