I’m out!


Short post. Title pretty much says it all.

Been working in a call center for the past 3 or 4 years. The last two years have been BRUTAL. Several mental breakdowns along the way. Abused daily by customers. Alcohol consumption has tripled. Absolutely hating life. All because of this dead-end job.

But I’m finally out. Two years ago I began going back to school in my free time. Been working my absolute ass off every day since then. A few weeks ago, out of nowhere, I got an interview. In two weeks I start my new job making an additional 20k/yr and never have to speak with another customer again.

Stay strong, guys. Shit can change in 24 hours. A month ago, I would have never expected that I’d be done next week. It just takes a little bit of extra effort every day.


What do you think?

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