I’m a Solicitor


Working in call centres. Customer calls me and I have to go through standard security before accessing the customer, one customer says

“How do I know who are, you are asking for this information and I don’t know you” I reply that’s its standard security questions that was set up during the account and the customer called me.

Customer reminded says I could be anyone and starts a rant saying you just don’t ask people those sort of questions

I repeat these are standard security questions that we ask every customer and that the customer called us.

Customer says its a scam want to report me the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and then drops another bit of information “I’m a solicitor, young man, so you must understand I know the law”

At this point I know longer cared “Well you would know about the Data Protection Act that prevents us revealing sensitive information to people who can’t pass security”

Customer looses it “I’m having lunch with your chairman (they all seem to do this) and I will have your job, now if you dont be fired, give me what I need”

“I can as long as you pass security”

At this point I know customer is going to swear, three swear words and as long as I sign post it, I can terminate the call

“YOU LITTLE C**T” Me “Please don’t swear otherwise I have to terminate the call”

Customer “Don’t tell me what to do you bastard, I will have your fucking job this, do you know who I am, I pay your wages, I earn more in an hour than you do in a day, you fucking…….me “OK sire I’m going to terminate this call due to foul language”

Ended the call, fully noted the account.


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