Some interactions I had at bank call center


I had these written on post it notes, I think I’ve lost a few but these are some of the fun calls I had working for a bank

Customer had a $149 available credit on his credit card  he wanted to know if he could use it to pay his own credit card bill

Customer called in for a travel note on her account I asked what States she was traveling through she thought Ohio was on the west coast

Customer called in and wanting the increase on their credit line I had to ask a question do you rent or own your home they said yes

Woman called in for a credit limit increase on her credit card she wanted to give me her husband’s information not hers and he was not listed on the account

Cardholder had received 0% APR promotional checks he wanted to know if he could use them to pay off his own credit card that the checks had come from

Customer’s account was in collections I said told her that it was in collections and she said what does that mean? Did not understand after repeated explanations

Card holder’s card was shut off because they hadn’t paid it when I told him his card was shut off for non payment he told me to shove the card up my ass and hung up (this was a daily occurrence)

Irritated customer called in wanting me to immediately close her account. So I did close her account. Right after I closed it she wanted me to reopen it immediately. unfortunately after we close an account we have a process to reopen it which involves her sending in a lot of documentation she screamed at me when I told her this and hung up

Customer calls in asking if I could take a money order over the phone

Unknown date in 2016
I am outside fishing in great weather and you are stuck inside hahaha hung up

Unknown date in 2016
Conversation with credit card holder who did not understand time zones and how it affects her payments.

Customer faxes a joint account owner form to add someone to her account for the country she put in Delaware

Spoke to a woman who did not know what a statement balance was she did not understand even after repeated explanations

Man called in wanting information about swimming pools. I tried to convince him that we were a bank and not a swimming pool company he was not convinced

Not included is the daily fuckery trying to verify accounts


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