But you should be psychic and know I’ve stopped using my card!

This happens more than people would think. I work in the credit card and loan collections department for a UK bank, and had this guy come through today.

He contacted us to tell us the direct debit for his credit card had taken yesterday. Nothing wrong with that, but he had paid the balance in full a week ago so the account is now in credit.

Basically our system is so ancient that it only really updates and reflects payments etc once a month when the statements are produced, which for him was towards the end of the month.

I told him that because he hadn’t cancelled the direct debit after paying his balance, the system wouldn’t know as it hadn’t updated and would attempt to take regardless.

Well, he didn’t like that. I had all sorts of questions thrown at me, including “why did the system not automatically cancel the direct debit after the balance was paid?” and he didn’t seem to get some people actually pay the full balance each month! I told him we don’t know if he is going to use the card again after making that payment, but would he take responsibility and accept he should have just cancelled the direct debit? Nope! We should just be psychic and know when people are paying their cards in full and not using them again.

I just transferred him to the general enquiries department as he didn’t want to do an indemnity claim, so I think they’d just refund the amount owing so he’s back at zero balance but I just wish people would take responsibility for their own accounts now and then!

What do you think?

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