I hate my job and I’m leaving in 2 weeks so here’s some nice and funny moments


I’ve worked on and off in call centre’s for some years. I’ve finally decided to pack it in once and for all since I now have deep depression from the boredom and isolation.

That being said, there were some rare good moments.

– Actual person’s name: Major Pratt. (He had been in the army)

– Received a call from a neurotic grandmother with her 1 year old on her lap. The baby decides to take off its diaper and she starts screaming that he’s got poo over her and orders her husband to help clear it up because she’s on the phone with me. It was comedy gold.

– Lovely lady who was the owner of a B&B in Wales (UK). We had a fabulous chat about Wales and she invited me to visit and said she would remember my name when I came. Sadly, I misplaced the name of the B&B otherwise I definitely would have turned up.

– Screaming man on the phone with his wife in the background shouting at him to tell us that he’s gonna quit our company. I listened patiently and by the end of the call he apologised for his attitude. It’s nice when customers do that and recognise they are in the wrong.

– Got so bored with one job that I started putting on accents to make it more interesting. For one call I spoke in an Indian accent. Must have gone well because the customer didn’t notice. I told him that I’d get my supervisor on the line to help with his query, put him on hold for a minute, switched my voice back to southern English and he knew none the better. Switched back to Indian and got my sale.

– Had a lady on the phone who had a beautiful sounding voice. I sort of fell in love with it and to an extent my imagination of her.

– General random conversations turned more casual are always a welcome surprise.

– Had a customer who noticed how low I felt and hoped my day would get better. I appreciate empathetic people who instinctively understands the plight of depression.

Suffice to say I have got very ill over this job – rage attacks, depression, existential angst, feeling like a complete failure, intellectual escapism, isolation, hopelessness and wanting to give up on life. I took it on out of necessity because of Covid. I needed work pronto. My doctor prescribed me a beta blocker this morning to keep me going and to help with the ruminating thoughts that come from the isolation and stress.

I should hope that my next job is better, however I’ve learnt to expect nothing since the quality of a job is also dependent upon the attitude of both colleagues and superiors. The only good thing about this job is that both have been fantastic which is a rarity in a call centre environment.


What do you think?

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