“How dare you send me this notice?!?”


I work at an electric company. Occasionally we have areas that we schedule to be turned off due to regular maintenance on the power lines and other issues we need to fix to prevent a massive outage. We try not to do it often in the same area often and we send out notices for the people in the affected areas.

I received a call due to this issue. At first the caller was pleasant when I was verifying his information. Then when it got into the issue it quickly took a turn for the worse.

He started complaining stating “I got this notice in the mail, how dare you switch off my power on a football Saturday!?!”

I looked it up and saw that there was a planned outage in the area and explained “that’s done as a preventative measure so we can work on fixing general issues so to not cause a bigger problem down the line.”

“Yeah but it’s on a Saturday what am I supposed to do about watching the game?”

I apologized for the inconvenience and suggested he can go to a relative or friend’s house in the mean time.

Then the call turned to be an overtly racist call, he then complained “I know I am a white male veteran from Vietnam and I know I’m becoming more of a second rate citizen now. I know for sure that you won’t shut off the power for one of those illegal immigrants here.”

I told him I can’t really reschedule this, it was scheduled months ago, I told him it should be back on by 3:00. As for now that’s all I can tell him, I asked if I can help him in any other way, he laughed and said “well you haven’t helped me a damn bit.”

And hung up the phone. I couldn’t help but laugh after that


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