I’m learning how to learn and laugh at myself. I also accidentally created a mythical creature!

I just started nesting (for those who don’t know, it’s baby birds in training) in Customer Care for a really cool software startup. We were doing mock calls and mock e-mail cases.

I’ve been out of the call center game for a coupla years because of health issues, and I’m terrified to take my first live call, but I already know what a bad first shift is like! Anyway, back to the subject of me having total fail sweats!

During a collaborative case, I volunteered to screenshare & own a case. We were kinda on the right path, but it was close to the end of the day and words were HARD!

I felt pretty good about my outgoing message, and I had 4 other pairs of eyes on it before I hit “send.” I received a “customer” (my trainer) message back saying “ What the heck is a slisting meswipes?” Um, GOOD QUESTION! I responded “ I am so sorry! Apple auto correct has apparently bested me in battle…”

My team was laughing at me so hard and I about fell to the ground dying!

I have no idea where the hell Apple came up with that phrase while I was asking about a magnetic card reader, but we decided that a Slisting Meswipes is a mythical creature that has scales, and it is at least part bearded dragon and part cat, with a pointed tail.

What do you think?

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“How dare you send me this notice?!?”

I have a bad tendency to laugh when customers threaten to sue.