Customer expecting us to accept coupons from other companies


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Unreasonable customer – UC

Nice, stressed out technician – T

Me – Me

I work at a garage door company in sales, but we also answer all incoming calls for service. Basically if anyone has an issue with their garage door they call us and I am one of 8 people that will answer to schedule the call.

Wednesday November 24th (day before Thanksgiving) we were open and still getting calls. As our business owner likes to say, “garage door problems don’t take days off”.
I get a call from one of our technicians. I grab the call because those are (usually) easier than actual customer calls. Of course, this wasn’t one of those calls.

The call basically went like this:

Me: *company name* how can I help you?

T: Hey I’ve got a customer here asking about our active coupons. She has a coupon from us that’s expired but she’s asking to use another company’s coupon and I’m pretty sure we don’t do that. Do you know what our coupons are right now?

Me: Well she can’t use another company’s coupons (???) but I guess if it’s going to get us the job that [business owner] would want you to honor OUR coupon even though it’s expired.

***UC talking in background over technician and forcefully says “can I just talk to them?” And proceeds to grab the technician’s *personal* cell phone to talk to me.

UC: Hi I have a coupon from y’all that says “We will match or beat any competitors price” and I have a coupon from one of your competitors for $50 off service and I want to use that.

Me: Well ma’am, I apologize but “matching any competitors price” refers to work that they have quoted for you, not their coupons.

UC: What do you mean?! I have a coupon from one of your competitors that says I get $50 off service and you say that you will match or beat any comepetitors price!

Me: Yes ma’am we will match or beat any competitors price but that price is refering to work they have quoted for you? Not discounts/coupons they are offering on their own service.

UC: Well then you’re misrepressenting yourself! You say that you will honor the price but you won’t!

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, those are just the policies that we have to follow. If you have a quote for service from another company then we would be happy to match or beat that quote.

UC: No I have a coupon in my hand for $50 off and I want $50 off! Your techncian provided me a $300 quote, thats only like 10% off and you’re not even considering it!

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, again it’s our policy and if you have an actual quote for service from another company we would be happy to match it but that’s all I can do.

UC: Well that’s just rediculous, if you’re not going to honor what your coupon says then you should take that off your coupons. I’ll just call this other company, your techncian can leave, I’ll be leaving a review about this.

Me: Okay ma’am you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

UC: * *laughs obnoxiously* * okay you too

***Technician finally gets his *personal* cell phone back

T: okay I guess I’ll just leave right?

Me: Yeah fuck that bitch. I hope the rest of your customers today aren’t terrible.

*end call

I can’t believe some people can be so entitled especially around the holidays.

TLDR; Entitled customer tries to use another company’s coupon and gets denied. Threatens to write bad review and laughs at customer service rep when they say happy thanksgiving.

Happy holidays everybody.


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