Give me a pay increase


So as we all know pay is quite a difficult subject to talk about in the UK, mainly because our managers tell us not to discuss pay. Anyway onto the story

My friend was a hard worker, always chipper, got good reviews but did he get employee / manager recognition awards…nope, did he get a bonus….didn’t meet the expectations required from customer surveys.

So it came round to when newbies come in, looking bright eyed and naive and they sit next to us, listen to calls, ask questions etc.

My mate say to the one next to him

“So what made you pick this job” the young lad says “Well the money is good”

Tells my mate how much he is on, which is an extra £3k a year than the rest of us.

My mate at this point is on the brink.

Goes to speak to my manager who says “They are very experienced in the role”

My mate says “It’s his first job out of school what experience does he have”

Manager refuses to discuss it on the floor and says it will be discussed in pay review

So pay review comes around and let’s just say it wasn’t good, actually it was worse than ripping a hole in the Titanic

My mate at this point mutters the words “Fuckin c**ts, get an 18 year old kid on 3k more than me” He continues to mutter and getting more angry as the shift goes on. Lunch comes round and he says “I’m done”

Phone get quite busy and I glance across as my friend is getting more irate ” Listen madam”……”Madam”…..

“Well give me a fuckin payrise” He threw his headset down and was gone

Manager says he wasn’t sure why he reacted like that and I said “Perhaps the snacks upset him”


What do you think?

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