As per policy…


I’m so sick of dealing with other reps who quote policy at me without any deeper thinking.

For example, I couldn’t adjust a payment to cover the full amount due on a past due balance. But we needed it to get the customer enrolled in our COVID assistance. So we schedule the payment for the following day (still in cycle, but literally right before it’ll go past due again) and I decide to call the team responsible for assisting customers who are ineligible but still seeking assistance. I try to explain this to the rep and they refuse to offer any help because “blah blah policy”, even though it will fuck the customer. I tried to explain “hey, I get what you’re saying, but the customer needs help, could you at least check”. Nope, “policy says”. At least she was polite about it.

The next one? Oh fuck them. Customer wants to discuss settlement. Their payment has been in process. For a week. Reflects on the account, money is out of the customers account. Okay, it’s our issue. Customer shouldn’t be punished for that, right? WRONG. No no, can’t discuss settlement because pending payment. And trying to explain it? That rep decided to get mad at me for “wasting their time”. Even though I’m wasting my time entirely because this account is current. Can’t even discuss details? I get you might not be able to help, but nothing about the situation says “well that makes sense”. I will quote policy all day if i know the policy has a point or if there’s not something fucky going on. But to sit there, hear all the facts, and act like I’m wasting time because the customer wants to discuss *your* department’s responsibility and to get snotty because “nyeh policy is this so I’m going to be a cuntasaurus to you despite the fact that you’re doing your job”.

And honestly, I wouldn’t be mad at all if this asshole had just had some human decency. “Yeah, the system won’t let us” or “it is weird, but my hands are tied”. Super fucking easy to do. Don’t act like I’m a fucking idiot because quoting policy when the policy isn’t exactly stopping you from having a conversation or just being human about it or when the policy is actively fucking stupid and at odds with the reality of the situation.

And this person is often rude. I’ve gotten them before and it was like they’re were actively trying to avoid taking the call. I have no idea how they got to our “2nd voice” team, because I wouldn’t want to leave a customer in their care in the slightest.

When the customer feels bad for you after dealing with someone whose supposed to be a colleague, it really makes you hate your “colleague”. Fuck that person and I hope their shitty attitude gets them fired.


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