A sample of the first call to make me cry


Her, already irate: So are you going to give me the claim number, or what?
Me, cheerfully: Yes I can give you the claim number!
Her: Wow, you can? Why didn’t you give it to me before?
Me: The can only give it out if the customer asks for it.
Her: Are you kidding me? I have to *ask* for the claim number?
Me: Yep.
Her: Well that’s ridiculous, you should talk to your supervisor about that.
Me: That’s just how I was taught. Maybe you could try customer service?
Her: \[rant I took off my headset for\]
Me: …do you still want your claims number?

She got fed up with me for not being explain what the “typical process” is for filing a claim (there isn’t one), not telling her what I do (I can’t make decisions for you Karen and I probably could lose my job lmao), and then asked for my first name—*and* my last which I refused to give under the wild guess I’m not allowed to. She also said she “didn’t want to file a claim” (she did, she said “yes I want to file a claim”. I have you on recording, lady.) Also said I need to have more empathy (I have plenty it just evaporates when you get pissy with me for not thinking for you, and I was completely polite), and I need to be able to explain more to her?? Sorry I’m not omnisicent lady.

Anyways I took off my headset after for a few minutes to calm down. Karens 🙂

Edit: Fixed the stupid formatting. Also this was actually the end of a protracted call where she got steadily more frustrated because there was certain information I couldn’t tell her, and because I wouldn’t tell her what to do.


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