But… we don’t even have it in stock yet.


This is my first post to this sub, reading all of your stories, and I do have a few to share, but this one sticks out in my memories the most.

So for background, I work in a call Center as customer service for an online furniture store. And as some of you might already know, there’s a global supply chain delay where shipments are coming into the harbours but not enough works at those harbours to unload the ships fast enough, so a lot of companies have their stock on back order. And unfortunately, it’s affected us to. A lot of our items are delayed until January, February, some even late as March. Our website was updated to include this delay, but a lot of customers seem to just skip over it. So when they call, they’re upset (which I completely understand).

So onto the store, sorry for the background jumbo. I get a call from the customer, and I do my usual greeting!

Me: Hi welcome to [xyz], this is OP. May I please have your name and order number?
Customer: (Provides the order number and their name.)
Me: Okay I have your order pulled up here and I do see you have an item that is out of stock-
Customer: (Interrupts me) Where the hell is my order?! I’ve been waiting for this since the beginning of September!
Me: Well sir, I looked at the back in stock date and I do see it’s delayed until (some date in January)-
Customer: I don’t care about the date! I want what I ordered!
Me: I’m sorry sir, but unfortunately we do not have available currently but the moment it’s available we will let you know by attempting to call you and email you to schedule the delivery!
Customer: No, I want what I ordered! I paid a lot of money for this, and I want it TODAY!

(I should note that he was living on the other side of the country and our main warehouse where shipments come in is on the opposite side.)

Me: I’m sorry sir but-

And the rest was basically him interrupting me constantly, DEMANDING we do same day delivery, and refused to listen to me when I kept telling him we don’t even have his item in stock yet. He started asking for a manager, to be transferred to another agent, and I told him they would tell him the exact same thing. I asked if he wanted to cancel for a full refund instead or something else, and all he did was yell and repeat again. The call ended with him becoming furious with me and saying some colourful words before he hung up on me.

He wasn’t the worst customer, sadly. I have worse stories unfortunately.


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