He did know the chairman


So I’ve posted some stories here about entitled customers.

So here is another but he threw me a curve ball. Me = Me, Customer = Customer, Executive Team = Executive Team

Me “Good afternoon……(company)

Customer “Good afternoon sire, I would like to see if I can be put through to the chairman office”

Strange request, but considering he was so polite, I thought fuck it.

Got his details – now if you want to speak to the chairman you must be on a list known as the Executive list, called the Executive team and said I had this person on.

Executive team person “Hold please” Very unusual, normally they laugh and give me an email address

Next person was the Chairman Secretary, give the person name and she says put him through. Warm transfered him, he asked for my full name and then he was onto the Secretary

A few days later Senior Operations Manager says he got an email from the Chairman thanking for me being so professional and would like to give me a Chairman’s award of £100

Turns out this fella did actually know the Chairman


What do you think?

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If I could transfer you to a manager… I would have done it already!

But… we don’t even have it in stock yet.