Cruising Call Center Representative – Weird Call

I work a major Cruise Program, and the Guest was so serious on this question. Now I will attach how the conversation went. LOL

*Note: I will keep the client name out, as well as private information to protect the Guest and the Program.*
*Note: Also, I do not believe in all the values the Company is, but I do enjoy working it with God by my side.*
Me = Me
Gst = Guest

Me: Thank you for calling *Cruise Company*, my name is Cody. May I have your name and booking number?

Gst: Hi, my name is *Guest Name*, and my booking number is *provides booking number*
Me: Thank you, *Guest Name*! Now, may you provide your PIN number?
Gst: *Provides PIN number*

Me: Thank you, *Guest Name*! How may I help you today?
Gst: Yes, I was tested positive for COVID-19, and I seen online that you can show the positive COVID test and that would be sufficient enough to sail as long as the Positive COVID test was at least 14 days prior to sailing. Is that correct?
Me: First and foremost, I do apologize for the misinformation you’ve read on. Secondly, I do want to provide you the most accurate information. We require that you provide documentation of a negative COVID test that dates no more then 48 hours prior to sailing.
Gst: So, you’re saying my positive test from 14 days prior to sailing will not work?
Me: No, *Guest Name*. I understand how disappointing that can sound. We are only trying to protect you and everyone onboard the Ship.
Gst: Okay. Thanks.
Me: No problem! Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Gst: No.
Me: Okay, and if you could stay on the line to complete a short 4 question survey on my service, I’d appreciate it! Have a wonderful day!

*Call disconnects*

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