Assisting Bank Call Center: Why Can’t I Get Money?!


I work for a bank and recently they acquired another, smaller bank, and so many of us have been pulled from the branch to work from home assisting the call center.

It’s actually been a lot of fun and I enjoy it the majority of the time. Even the awful customers aren’t so bad because there’s a sense of distance since it is all over the phone. When the call is done, it’s over, and I’ll probably never talk to, let alone see, that person ever again. I’m not too bothered by any of it and have been able to keep a sense of humor about it all.

My second to last customer last evening was a hoot, let me tell you.

They were a customer of the bank that was acquired and called because they were having trouble withdrawing funds from their local ATM.

I did the usually thing, got them verified (which was tough because they were very obviously drunk and yelling into the phone and over me as I tried to assist them).

Without giving up too much information, this individual had less than $5.00 in their checking account and was looking to withdraw $600 plus dollars.

As many of you may know… you simply can’t withdraw funds that you don’t have.

You can visit the bank or call your credit card for a cash advance. Or take out a loan. But you can’t simply withdraw hundreds of dollars of cash with the promise to pay it, plus overdraft fees, back. Which is what this individual wanted to do.

I explained to that to them, which sent them overboard. I had to take my headset off as they unleashed a torrent of expletives at me and, somehow, managed to get even louder.

They’re now going to, supposedly, close their accounts because they can’t take out $600+ from their account even though they have less than $5.

Apparently we’re a shitty bank and I’m a shitty person because I can’t just give them money they don’t have.

After I was hung up on, I did enter a complaint into the system detailing how upset the customer was with our policy that you can only withdraw available funds from your account.

My empathy to anyone in that local branch if that individual decides to go in.


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