Unclear expectations


So I just really wanted to vent on a platform I know they can’t find me on, but OMG my telephone interviewing job is so annoying. I’m defining every aspect of the job b/c no one is really teaching me or walking me through anything. Its a very simple job so I understand- for the most part- why I’m getting little to no supports.

But today, the dayshift supervisor informed me that she had been monitoring my calls and said I sounded good, but that my calls per hour were low and to try to work on that. So I immediately agreed that I would work on my calls per hour, but I’m already making 20-30 calls per hour and couldn’t find information online about an amount that would be acceptable. When I asked my supervisor “How many calls per hour would you be looking for?” She answered “its not that, its the idle time” ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? If you want 30 or 40 calls or even 50 calls per hour I could try to finish that quickly in the start of my hour and give myself 10 minutes to breathe somewhere in between, but her answer makes no sense. So essentially I AM doing the work as asked of me, but she just wants more. Ugh, I’m tired of this mentality around work.


What do you think?

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