What are your favorite retorts?


I work for a CC that EXCLUSIVELY calls people that signed up on the service 100% to get contacted to help them obtain something. Something, that most of them def need.

So I call up this one dude, introduce myself and explain im here to help him.

Immediatelly starts cussing me out, calls me the N-word (of course it was some white suburban type) and keeps going on and on and on.

Internally im like “oh my fucking god this is a waste of time” and im just done, its too early for this shit.

he finishes his ranting and i just let out a deadpan:

“…so do your parents know you are using their phone?”

he called me the n-word again, and of course hung up before i said a word because he is a major pussy.

So what are your favorite retorts/responses? comment below and make sure to make it simple to read so some braindead youtuber can steal content off the sub and make money off of it on their stupid ass yt channel.

ps: i fucking love and appreciate every one of you CC workers, keep on keeping on!


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