Back in my day


I’ve been transferred to pet insurance and was talking to this lovely old woman. Her vets have told her to get a pre- authorisation claim form so she called in for it. We can only send it by email, there’s no way to send it by post for some some reason.

Anyway, she didn’t have an email. I asked if she knew the vets email and I could send it directly to them. She didn’t. I took the vets name, googled it, and got the email pretty easily.

She was amazed, and pretty thankful. Saying how good I am with this technology. I told that I was only good at it because I was raised with it. I went on to mention that I don’t remember a time before the Internet but my older does. To which she replied that she remembers a time before calculators. Which is insane to me.

I googled it after the call. Calculators as we know them were made in the 70’s, she was born in the 40’s.

I don’t know why I blew my mind as much as it did.


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