“Are you listening to me?”

I take an escalated call from an agent. The agent says that despite multiple attempts of telling the customer Customer Service cannot cancel her account, she is refusing a retention transfer and wanted a manager.


M: me, C: customer

M: Thank you very much for waiting. This is im_mr_b, a manager here at Company. I understand you want to cancel an account, is that correct?

C: Yep, and I’m waiting on you to do it. Hurry up.

M: I understand. Unfortunately only Cancellations can cancel your account. How about I explain your situation to them-

C: Cancel my account.

M: I can’t ma’am. Like I was saying, I can’t-

C: Hey! Cancel! My! Account! Are you listening to me?

M: I can’t.

C: You have a computer.

M: That doesn’t have an option to cancel an account.


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