One my craziest calls


This isn’t my worst one but it’s up there. Oddly enough for all the insanity on this call I ended up kinda liked the customer; maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome. I thought I’d share it in honor of getting off the phones

So the customer calls in complaining about her bill, saying how she doesn’t have the money and that we’re ripping her off. There’s three things that annoy me about this. One is she’s ordering fast food while complaining that she can’t pay her bill. Two is that the drive through worker actually tells her she’s scared to talk to her because of the manner in which she’d speaking to me. Three is she took her cat with her to get fast food.

But anyways; after the usual I can see why you’d be upset ma’am, this would be alot of money to me as well; and I’m more that happy to look into those charges for you and see what I can do to waive them for around three times; I’m able to see what the bill is for. She was charged for a data plan, a monthly installation payment for a cellphone, and a charge back for another cellphone with the entire amount charged (this means she disputed it with the bank and they said it was legitimate).. She goes through another drive through to pickup some meds while I’m taking with her and reading through notes; it took me half an hour to get all the facts.

She had a “defective” phone (I can’t prove it but I’d bet money it was a user error).

She received the warranty replacement but didn’t mail the original in time (she had two weeks to do that)

Because she already had the new phone, and she had physical possession of the other device she was charged the full amount. Her solution to this was to dispute it with the bank and throw it at a store employee (they actually let her take it back too).

She invited a man over to her apartment for… nevermind I don’t want to know but he stole a shit load of stuff from her.

As we’re getting to end about one hour in the call; sometine after she’s ranting about her doctor accusing her of self harm (I didn’t even know what to say about that) that I ask her if that guy had the cellphone; she says I don’t know; I’ve got plenty of old phones under the car seat I haven’t gone through. As I feel my fuse burning out because of that I realize to my horror she’s now using the restroom; and I rush to mute her.

I can’t remember exactly what happened there but I think she gave up at that point. At least she TRIED not to take it out on me and some justification (mental illness) for her actions.


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