Do I look like an octopus?


So ever since last October, i’ve had the fantastic opportunity to work from home. I think working from home is the best as I get to dress more casually, not worry as much about what others are doing around me and I get the added bonus of my work PC being situated underneath my TV so I have something to do inbetween calls.

Things picked up from Feb onwards until I was told me and my team were moving to a different campaign, which was still retentions but dealing with customers that had already put in a cancellation request and called back for one last attempt to stay with one of our “fantastic” offers.

Why it has to be when a customer gets to that stage that we suddenly bring out the big offers but I don’t know, anyway with a new campaign comes a new manager. Manager seems okay, not outsourced but still fairly new tenure compared to some of the other agents like myself (Been working there for 6 years, new manager has been in the business 20 months). Enjoying the new campaign and change of pace, going from call-after-call to 1 call every 10 minutes or so. I checked my rota for the upcoming weeks and found that my shift patterns got completely changed without us being notified. Spoke to manager about it, they apologise and say that this is the new rota we have but they will honour any schedule changes that are needed for the next couple of weeks. Until they don’t, because of an incident at a different site that meant they needed everyone in with their current shift pattern because of this change. No exceptions… except for the people who are adamant that they need THIS shift change or adamant THIS day requires them to be off. Manager tries to keep people happy whilst also adhering to the “No shift change” rule that has suddenly been enforced. So que a fair bit of passive-aggressiveness whenever anything is asked for.

Today I log in and get a Blue Screen of Death on my work PC, smiled, took a picture and sent it to my manager with 15 minutes until I was due to start. Tried restarting and the same thing happened. Explained it happened again, got told to put my camera on my phone and record myself starting my PC. Sods law, it bloody works when I do that and I get passive-aggressively told to stop time wasting and log in ready for my shift. During brief in the morning, manager goes through stats and then tells us to log on ready for calls, I said on our schedule it shows we have an extended brief but manager says that’s an error, I asked if she was sure there wasn’t anything extra she needed to go over and got told to go ready. Not 20 minutes later, a bunch of the team get a message asking us to go through the training that we have yet to finish whilst we are waiting in-between calls, and whilst on a call make sure to mark our stats down… whilst adhering to aftercall/hold times.

Bearing in mind, this is IMPORTANT training i’m supposed to be doing, and not half-arsing my way through it, something that if I don’t do before the end of 2021 I could find myself out of a job, it’s THAT important… but they require me to do in-between calls and not giving my 100% attention on… if it’s that essential, time should be given to those who need it to get it sorted and up-to-date


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