“And YOUR name is??”


This happened a couple months ago, I work in a call center for an insurance company. I had a call from this agent, who was angry because she was trying to help get a customers policy cancelled. She was the new agent and the customer was apparently leaving my company.

She was extremely hostile and angry because she supposedly had been trying to fax or email this cancellation form in but we weren’t getting it.
So I told her the correct email to send it to. She started getting really bitchy.

Bitch agent: “this obviously isn’t working, isn’t there a local office down here in Texas I can send it to?!? That would be easier”

Me: “no, there is no “local office” to fax it to. Everything gets sent directly to our center processing team who handles all written cancellation requests.”

She kept pushing for some magical “local office” to send it to, which simply doesn’t exist. This is a huge company. The solution I was giving her was the only one if she was insisting on sending this form in.

Bitch agent: “okay fine I’ll send it, and what is YOUR NAME??” She says this exactly as I typed it, super exaggerated and rude as hell.

Me: gives my first name.

Bitch agent: “okay and do you have a LAST NAME??”

Me: “we don’t give out our last names.”

Bitch agent: “okay so there’s probably hundreds of people there with your same name!!! How is anyone gonna know who I spoke with without your last name?!?”

Again I told her I wouldn’t be providing this and finally she hung up.

Without a doubt the most unprofessional agent I’ve ever dealt with. She was borderline hysterical. MY NAME ISN’T GOING TO HELP YOUR SITUATION YOU CRAZY BITCH.


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