Misdirected transfers.

I work for a bank, in the fraud department. More specifically, debit card fraud. Lately I have been getting a lot of account holders transferred to me for things that have nothing to do with fraud, or debit cards in general. I was reading the post about pissed off customers due to hold times. I get that and it’s even worse when they’ve been on hold, only to be told they had to be transferred. Then sit on hold again, are transferred to me and all I can do is transfer them again. Then they are really mad. Not only that, transfers go against our metric, if you do so many, it looks like you are just shoving people off to someone else.

As I said, I am in fraud. I get transfers wanting me to deal with their online app, their credit card bill, the interest rate on their credit cards, an account they closed years ago and want to reactivate… You get the picture, it goes on and on. What is worse is when I get a warm transfer from another department, or a branch manager that should know better but figures fraud can fix everything, so lets call them. I had a personal banker call me last week that accidentally closed and deleted a savings account and wanted me to reopen it.

I don’t know how we are staffed because we are now all WFH. I know on my team, in April, there were 24 of us. We are now down to 9. Of those 9, I know 3 that are looking for other jobs and want to leave because it’s gotten so bad. The call volume has doubled in that time as well. I’m sure hold times have gotten a lot longer. I get the double whammy of a pissed caller due to hold times that has been misdirected once, twice even three times, now I have to compound that anger and transfer yet again. Unfortunately, not all departments are open 24 hours like fraud and standard CS. If someone called in at 4, was on hold on 30, then on hold for me for another 30 and the department they really need closes at 4:30. Guess who gets the ass chewing. Not the first person they talked to.

Anyone else in a large, mult-department company notice this trend lately?

What do you think?

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