Call Center Inception

Hello all you seasoned call center veterans! I am currently assisting the bank I work for during an acquisition of another bank by working at home as a temporary call center customer service agent. Mostly, I’m having a great time and am enjoying the experience!

This phone call was… a pretty surreal experience.

The customer calls concerned because he paid his cable/internet bill last week but, suddenly, everything is shut off. Apparently the agent that they spoke to said the funds were being returned for insufficient funds, which scares the customer and prompts him to call the bank, i.e. me.

I confirm that he has plenty of funds available, and also confirm that I see no October transaction to his cable/internet provider.

What happens next is hilarious, awkward, and cringey all in one.

He literally KEEPS ME ON THE PHONE while he calls the internet provider’s customer service number. He proceeds to yell and berate the poor woman for 5 minutes. His wife and daughter (?) are also in the background ranting, raving, and yelling at the top of their lungs.

Meanwhile. I’m hearing this all second hand and not sure if I should hang up or…. What.

He talks to us back and forth (and I’m careful not to prove any personal information) and keeps at yelling at the other gal. (Seriously, you were a champ lady! So calm and polite, I tip my hat to you!)

Finally, he lets me go, I assure him his accounts are in good standing and to reach back to us for any help he needs. He hangs up and I send up a silent prayer for the other rep.

What do you think?

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