Yes, the system is currently down. No, we do -not- need to discuss this at length.


Tech support calls are always a fun time when there’s system issues.

For people calling in about a system wide problem, we basically just tell them “yes, we’re working on it, here’s the status page, go stare at it until it’s updated. No, there’s no ETA at this time.”

Most people accept this and move on until the system’s fixed. Some will try to complain a little bit but will eventually back off and wait.

Others will, for whatever reason, try to talk their way into getting the system fixed faster?

Me: -explains that the system is down and we’re working on it, go look at the status page)

Client: Do you know when it’ll be back up?

Me: No <3

Client: Well, I really hope you guys are working on it, I was in the middle of something <Very Important> and it’s affecting my business

Me: We’re working to get this resolved as quickly as possible with all hands on deck. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Client: Yeah, you have no idea how much time it takes to <whatever they were doing in the system, probably inefficiently if it takes them so long> so I really need this back up and running

Me: Of course.

Client: Yeah, we run a $$$ dollar company, can’t really take care of our own clients effectively if the system’s offline and we can’t get back to them, you know? I know it’s not your fault, I’m just a little frustrated

Me: <fires up Hearthstone> Oh no, you’re fine.

The system is down, yes. It will be back. We are a business, the system being up is kind of a priority for us. Go take a damn walk, refresh the status page, and leave us alone.


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