That time I helped a customer figure out ‘what’s good?’


Late night shifts are the best.

Slow calls. Lots of time to futz around on Reddit. Issues are generally low impact and easy to resolve.

This means that, for me, I would tend to be more… empathetic? Willing to show eagerness to assist with customer issues? More desire to align with company values of going above and beyond?

**insert coaching buzzphrase of your choice here**

On this particular night shift, I took a call from an elderly customer who was having issues navigating the challenging world of digital TV guides.

Specifically, he could not find anything good to watch.

More specifically, he wanted to know:

*”Where the hell are all the GOOD movies these days, girlie? The real good ones. I just see a buncha junk in here, nothing GOOD. What is GOOD to watch on TV these days?”*

I mean, who among us?

So, I sat there and flipped through some movie options with him. All of them were a no. Some of them were ‘just stupid’.

Finally, I found it – the motherlode that is Peachtree, home of the same three constantly looping movies. And they were playing… TWISTER!

So, I did not ask him, I simply tuned his TV to Twister. He was skeptical, but I convinced him that this was his perfect movie options, with the magic words:

“It has flying cows”.

Seemed a good enough reason for him to watch it. He then invited me over to have a sandwich and watch it with him. I declined. I did, however, spend the rest of my shift re watching it myself, and I was right: Flying cows rock.

I hope he enjoyed Twister as much as I did.


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