Getting accused of stealing someone’s identity


I saw this sub linked in a thread and was reminded of this ridiculous exchange from a few years ago that still makes me laugh to this day. I used to work tech support for a major cell carrier, and like most companies that handle sensitive information there is account security.

I get a call and go through my standard spiel: “Thanks for calling my name is broken_pieces how may I assist you today?”

Normal sounding woman: “Hi yes I’d like activate a phone on my account.”

I LOVED activation calls, easiest calls ever. In and out in 4 minutes.

Me: “I’ll be happy to help, may I have the pin on the account”

Lady with suddenly a ton of attitude and voice raising with each syllable: “I’m not giving you my pin! Why the hell would I give you my pin you could be a SCAMMER!!”

“Well, you called us, and I need your pin to access your account, without access I’m unable to activate your phone-

“You are trying to STEAL MY IDENTITY!!! I’m calling the police on you!!”

“Well ma’am again you are the one who called us, do you want to double check the number….? NO I KNOW WHO I CALLED YOU ARE A THIEF AND IM REPORTING YOU TO THE POLICE!!”

So I go through the spiel about the pin existing LITERALLY for the sole purpose to give to us to verify she was the owner, but she was not having it. She then hangs up and I notate her account accordingly. I refreshed her account a few times during the day and saw that she called back a few times until she finally relented and let someone help.

The 0-100 with her was unreal. I can laugh about it now! I do not miss the call center life in the slightest, hope anyone who wants to make it out can do so soon!


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