The things customers will complain about…


*I feel like screaming right about now.*

Background: I work in a call centre for a big energy supplier.

The call:

I get the customer through and at first they are a pain to clear security with as when I ask them to confirm their email I am met with

“Well you sent me an email today so you should have my email address in front of you”

At this point I am already wishing to disconnect the call but they haven’t really done anything to warrant it.

I get them through it by pointing out that without them doing so I can’t help and then move onto asking why they are calling…..

Turns out they were calling after getting the moving home email which includes an estimated annual cost and they were unhappy that it said “based on the information you provided” as they didn’t provide any information.

Its at this point I started to suffer with an eye twitch.

I explained to them that it was simply an estimate and what they use is what they would pay for to which they still weren’t happy and decided to say:

“Well I spent so long getting through to discuss this”

Well its not my fault you decided to take issue with what is essentially nothing.

Basically ended the call saying I would feed it back to the letters team of which the customer just basically said ok bye and then hung up before I could say bye back, I hope they enjoy that small bit of satisfaction from hanging up first.

No idea what this customer wanted to get out of the call.

TLDR: Customer calls through, is a bitch about passing security and literally only wants to bitch about the fact the estimated annual cost in the welcome letter had “based on information you provided” because they didn’t provide any information. Proceeded to bitch about time taken to get through to discuss it when I didn’t make a big song and dance about it and then hung up when I still wasn’t making a big deal out of it.


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