Lawyers are not people.



So I work as a over the phone interpreter. I get calls from doctors, customer service from american companies that want to comunicate with their spanish speaking customers and I interpreter back and forth between english and spanish, Ill post the conversation in english but just know I had to translate into english what he customer was saying.


This particular call was from a insurance company, they did the insurance for rental cars and this gentlemen got involved in an accident recetly. They were calling him to take a statement of what happened, the call was longer than an hour, but here are the most unbelieveable snipets:


IA: Insurance agent

C: customer

Me: me!


IA: so where were you heading at the time of the accident?

C: I took a break form my job that week, I had been running erands with my family since it was my day off, I just had picked up my cousin and we were heading to the beach with other people

IA: on a sunday night?

C: uhm… yes, we made reservations and everything

IA: ok I’ll need the names and telephone numbers or the people waiting for you at the beach

C: i dont feel comfortable sharing other peoples information. These are people with high economic/social standing and they value their privacy a lot, id have to ask them first before i give you that information

IA: Ok now Im confused, first you said you were going to see your family, now they are people with high social standing?

C: … yes, I can provide that information later. Anyway, I was going to the beach with some friends

IA: SIR, SIR, you keep changing your story, now you’re saying there are some “FRIENDS” involved? are they friends or family? which one is it?


the customer was answering the questions as best as he could but either the insurance rep was a moron, or was out go get him


IA: so, you were going to the beach?

C: well technically I was heading to my partners home to change clothes and get my stuff for my vacation, i never got to the beach because of the accident

IA: Partner? what does that mean? who do live with?

C: my girlfriend, and her mom

IA: ok but its still not clear to me, why did you rent a car?

C: I already told you, vacations

IA: you only rented the car for 3 days, and didnt leave the state, I just want to understand why did you rent the car?

C: my mother in law is sick, my partner cant be unavailable for too long or go too far away, we decided to go to a nearby beach

IA: SIR, now youre saying “mother in law”? who is this person? I thought you were not married, Im so confused

me: (what?)

C: my mother in law is my girlfriends mom.

IA: anyway, I see (lady’s name) as you lawyer, is that correct?

C: no, I dont know who that person is

IA: person? what do you mean?

C: uhm… the name you just gave me, i dont know who she is, i dont know that person

IA: SIR, I wasnt asking about a person, I was asking about a lawyer


What do ya’ll think? was the rep dumb, trying to look good on record or out to get a customer out of the coverage?


What do you think?

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