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“Well, three days ago, I called because we had a power outage and when everything came back on, my TV service didn’t work and I did a bunch of stuff like unplugging everything and plugging it back in but it didn’t come back on, so when I called, the technician on the phone ran tests and everything and told me I needed a new cable box and I said I didn’t think I did but he sent it anyway and this morning really early, I don’t know what time exactly, there was a box on my doorstep and it had a new cable box but the old one started working again and I was told I would lose my recordings on my old box but I didn’t need the new box and I just want to keep the old box but I don’t want my recordings automatically deleted on the old box so what do I do? [Finally takes a breath here] I don’t want this new box because I don’t need it.”

So all of that extra nonsense, showing off her powerful lungs by rambling for 3 minutes straight before catching her breath or even acknowledging my presence on the line, to say… “I want to return equipment I don’t need.” I don’t understand why people immediately launch into all this extra crap (and add a complaint on hold time, usually) instead of just stating what they want. Imagine doing this at a restaurant. 😂

I know, I know… I post this same theme every time I post. Just have to vent because this whole mindset is beyond my comprehension, and happens on the vast majority of my calls. Lol

What do you think?

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