Man has been contacting since 2016 about 1-3 times per week.


This started when this customer chat in to me, tech support, and was describing his concern in a very confusing and contradicting manner.

From what I understood, he wanted to add his email address for use with our email app. To verify we’re understanding each other, I specifically phrased this sentence back to him, “So your end goal is to use email-address and check/receive its email messages using our email app?” To which he said, “Yes.”

I gave him instructions. He replied, “I don’t want my email-address associated with your email app.”

So, this confused me and I politely told him that’s what he had just said “yes” to. He then elaborates step-by-step what he was doing but the steps he gave me basically suggests he’s trying to create a new email address using the app itself, but it’s not going through.

Had him try doing it on the website itself. His response, “I already have an email.”


At this point I’d just given up on him and offered phone support so he can share screens with phones for real-time walkthrough and guidance on what he’s trying to do. He replied, “I’ll just call them” then ended chat.

I later checked his contact history with us and the previous rep he spoke with over chat also couldn’t quite understand what he’s trying to ask for. More interesting though: his records go way back to 2016.

He’s been contacting us at least one to 3 times per week: consistently. He’s utilizing every single app, technology, device, and service that we have, often not the way it should be used which complicates things. Like using an account intended for individual use but sharing it with one to three persons then wanting our help how to sort out what’s theirs and what’s his or how to make sure they can’t see each other’s contents — which is doable and easily resolved if they’d just create individual accounts.

I figured maybe it’s these other people using his contact information who’s been chatting us but no, the names he gives for the chats, the way he writes out his sentences, etc. — it all suggests it’s the same guy.

Other concerns go from the most basic of things like where to find this button in Settings, how to close a program, what’s this service about, or anything that can be easily Googled to complicated ones that just so happen to be the rarely-gotten concerns our departments get which can be pretty challenging because we’re unfamiliar with those aspects.

It just made me feel sad afterwards what kind of life this guy must have to have all that time in the world to invest contacting us 1-3 times a week, every week, since 2016, consistently, up to present. Like… man, does this dude have nothing else to do with his life?


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