First call of the day


(Me: M, Customer: C)

M: Thank you for calling **Company**, how can I help?

C: I need you to explain my bill *right now*!!!

M: Okay, I’m more than happy—

C: Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, just explain my bill.

M: Okay, I’m pulling—

C: Don’t say what you’re gonna do, just do it.

M: (not sure what I can say to this person, so I get right to the point.) It looks like your current charges are—

C: You’re just going to tell me the same thing the last person told me and they were LIARS!

M: I see, well I can only account for myself, but I do apologize if some wrong information was given to you… I am happy to go over your bill as it is today, though.

C: Well, why didn’t they tell me the right information? It’s your company, you should know.

M: I do apologize, how about we take a look at your bill so we can make sure you have the right information?

C: That’s what I have wanted all along (starts maniacally laughing)!!! Good to know you understand English and can finally fix this for me!

M: Yes, sir, I’m happy to help with understanding these charges. Just to begin, is there a specific charge you saw to be incorrect or are you just wanting a general overview of the bill?

C: (more laughing) I have no IDEA what the charges are, it’s **your** job to tell me what they are!! So tell me!!

M: No problem, sir. It looks like your plan is 100, your device is 15, and your insurance is 10. That puts us at 125 total.

C: No it does not!!! My bill should be 100!

M: I do apologize if—

C: **100!!! 100!!!! Make it 100!!!!**

M: Sir, I understand that there may be some confusion about the charges—

C: No confusion!! 100! MAKE IT 100!!

M: Again, I apologize, but with your current charges, everything looks pretty spot on. The charges seem to be straightforward, was there something I mentioned that sounded incorrect?

C: It’s all correct, it’s just too much!

M: Okay, Well, would you like to maybe pay off your device? We could also remove your insurance, if you wanted to to reduce the bill further?


(Actually, he didn’t say fine, it was 30 more minutes of the same stuff, this is just the end of my rant)


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Ah. You’re THAT customer.

Man has been contacting since 2016 about 1-3 times per week.