It’s a hard position to be in


I work as a “catch all” position for a call center. Company not relevant for this story. I basically answer questions for my colleagues, support new waves, respond to escalation emails, guide leadership on processes since I’ve been with the program for longer than most.
The One thing I don’t typically do is coach people (or officially do write ups) on things that they do, unless it’s with a manager/TM with me being a WebEx. Situations like that tend to be run by me only because I’m more familiar with the issue and tools than anything. But it gives me a feeling of power. And it gives my colleagues a sense that I’m not on the same level as them (although I am).

The last two weeks I have been supporting a new training wave. Answering their questions on everything from scheduling to policy to verbiage on their call.

I like what I do. I love to hear that my knowledge and techniques help my colleagues in their daily case/call handling. But it’s also a hard line to walk. They come to me on things I have no business talking to them about. Like how our pips(performance improvement plan) work, how many days they miss before being going on a pip and getting fired. What is a automatic termination and do I know someone who has had that happen to them.

I don’t gossip, I only share fact. I don’t guess on policy I don’t know about (most of that stuff comes up if you’re on one and I’m not). I don’t share information on other agents pips. So I’m stuck saying “talk to a manager.” They feel like I am a manager.

In fact I had one agent come in and said she wanted to send her equipment back (we are W@H) cause she was too overwhelmed. I had to basically lie to her. Tell her she was the best. Granted she is really good. And has a lot of potential. But how do you “play” at being a manager when people see you in that position and you aren’t? I immediately told my TM, who wasn’t readily available. But I was able to talk her down. It is just hard to do another’s job when you’re stuck in the same role they are.

I just do the best I can I guess.

I just wanted to get that off my chest. If you made it this far I appreciate you and TIA!


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