How do you deal with circle talkers?


Oh man, circle talkers are really aggravating.

So just today, I had a man call in requesting a return for a TV- he said his autistic son got mad and smashed it, so obviously it doesn’t work anymore. This is, not only something our returns policy doesn’t cover, but something that violates the warranty. Reviewing the notes, he was told this not 20 minutes ago so I can tell this is going to a long, pointless call.

I go though the usual script, and he cuts me off just to reiterate he can’t use a broken TV and needs it returned. The purchase was 5 months ago, well past our returns timeframe, and he kept insisting it was unfair we won’t accept the return.

I keep going, because we’re obligated to, and start to ignore his interruptions and talking over me. I just keep giving the same script getting more and more monotone/robotic hoping he takes the hint but of course he never did. He even talked through me when I said “too bad, so sad, we can’t help and you’ve been told why- goodbye!” (Paraphrasing, of course)

If anyone has tips for these kinds of callers, please share. I keep losing my temper and as much as I hate this job, I can’t afford to quit and find another.


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