The keys in the keyboard are jealous of me!!

So I’ve only been in phone center support for a short time but my mom (who recently retired) been on the phone for over 30 years!! She has worked for the same bank and over the years customer satisfaction is important so they are ruthless with rating her call scores. (It really screwed up her mental health..) So she works in the business banking support and it’s amazing how much mis management business has of their money (overdrawn, mixing accounts, loans not paid etc..) one of the best my mom told me was a guy that got his account overdrawn multiple times wanted the fees waived which my mom refused since he’s done it multiple times without learning. Then he kept saying to my mom “The keys on the keyboard are Jealous of me!!” My mom had to mute since she couldn’t hold her laughter. It’s depressing working in a call center and people.. but once in awhile you will have these gems.

What do you think?

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It’s a hard position to be in

*Sigh* I’m now the guy they talk about in reviews