Good Morning everyone who doesnt own a CD player


Welp, it is time, my first post here. Little background: I work for a CC, and we work as the technical support of a Big Tech company. I work from home since my grandma lives with my family, and I cannot go work outside since most of the people in my house have some sort of chronic condition and COVID will literally kill them, not me tho. Today was going so far so good, I work from home so I can take a cup of coffee while I think on how not to kill myself every five minutes. And then, this customer landed on my line.
A is for Allen, which, will be my name; D for Mr Dirtbag will be, as implied, a dirtbag

A: Hello this is Allen for CD player Tec support how can I he-

D: My device is not working at all, I cannot see anything on my TV

A: What have you tried s-

D: I already did everything blah blah blah

*attempted to test things out, while I noticed that the device was out of warranty for almost 2 years as for today*

A: Mr Bag, I just noticed that the device has been out of warranty for 2 years as for today, in case you might w-

D: WAIT, you wont do some warranty service on it? What a fuckin joke is this? I have been a customer for almost 5 years and you wont fix this shit?

A: Sir, please keep it professional and please avoid using bad w-

D: how old are you? Are you a child? Havent you ever taken a shit?

A: *SIGHT* I mean, please avoi-

D: Now are you sighting? Are you agravated? Or you are just being a bitch to me

A: Look, I am trying to help here bu-

D: If I dont get this shit fixed, I will burn it along with any device I may have from you, I will film it and I Will post it on all social media if possible

A: *At this point, I should have disconnected the call, but it is kind of funny to hear someone so pissed because his device no longer qualifies for warranty*

D: are you there?

A: Yes, I am just checking what else can be done for you

*my dog starts barking on the background*

D: Wait, is that a dog? This must be a fucking joke

A: In regards to the repair of your device sir, The device is outda-

D: Transfer me to another Tech, I can’t believe that, me, an American Citizen wont get his shit fixed.

A: I am afraid that you will have to call back in order to get another tech, and, being honest with you, another Tech will tell you exactly the same

D: I will callback either way *disconnects call*

The device is a fucking cd player, WHO THE FUCK USES A CD PLAYER WHEN YOU CAN STREAM ON NETFLIX, HULU OR ANYTHING REALLY. The model of cd player was outdated, but I cannot tell him dump that stuff and go do something outside of your house.

>edit: I just noticed he has called back three times and the three guys from the Department have literally said the same, and, as written on record he always said: “some will fucking fix this”


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