Member flips because we won’t tow her vehicle


ERS = Emergency roadside assistance

So I didn’t personally handle this call but my coworker did. I work ERS and this actually happened yesterday right as I was leaving for the day. So within the past 2 years my company had to make a new rule that you must show your ID in order to prove who you are in order for us to tow you. The reason for this is because we had an issue with someone getting ahold of a bunch of membership numbers and placing fraudulent calls to run a scam.

Well one of our drivers gets to this call and the member doesn’t have her ID so he can’t tow her. The member was very upset about this and proceed to yell and cuss at the driver. He ended up calling us and my coworker was trying to explain to the member about the policy and WHY we can’t tow without her ID but she refused to listen and kept yelling and cussing.

The members mother then got on the phone (threeway) and was cussing and yelling at my coworker. Someone that was with the member even threatened to break the drivers phone when he went to go take it and leave. My coworker had to stay on the phone with the driver until he got back to the shop because the member ended up following him in another vehicle. So because of this and the fact that they threatened the driver, they were no longer allowed to get service. At all. They’re account was sent for review to determine if their account will be cancelled or not.

You’d think that would be the end of this but the members mother ended up calling back 6 times to try and place calls. Wanted to know why another driver wasn’t on the way. Kept hanging up on us. Kept saying that they never threatened the driver. She doesn’t know what the driver is talking about and her daughter is only 17 and left the house without her ID by mistake so she texted a pic of her ID to her. (We can’t use a pic…ID has to be scanned) Of course some of the call takers kept putting calls thru just because the member said they never threatened the driver. Some of them actually listened to the notes and refused to place the call.

They never got service and I hope that their account gets cancelled but I know it won’t. I know it shouldn’t surprise me by now but I still can’t get over the fact that people think they can threaten someone that they’re trying to get service from (or anyone for that matter) and expect us to just deal with it and then get upset that we refuse to help them now.


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