Ah. You’re THAT customer.


I work as a case worker for an industry that is stereotypically male led. Part of my day is also set for inbound calls. For a number of reasons the person you speak to initially isn’t necessarily your case worker going forward.

My phone rings:

Me: *generic call intro*

Caller (m, by the way): I’d like to speak to Male Colleague (MC) please.

Me: I’ll check his availability in a moment, I just need to check your details first.

I take him through security and notice MC spoke to him initially but its actually a case newly assigned to me.

Me: I can see MC spoke to you before but the case has now been assigned to myself. I’ve not had the opportunity to look at it fully yet however I can see MC asked you to send in some documentation we still haven’t received, do you need our details?

Caller: That’s what I want to speak to MC about, can’t you just see if he’s free?

Me: As the case has been assigned to myself I’m the best person to speak to, while MC took your call he’s not reviewing your case going forward.

Caller: Give me your email then.

I oblige and he had no further questions. Apparently.

About 20 minutes later we recieve a new email.



Your colleague gave me this email if I had any questions for you.

*list of questions*

Please respond directly at your earliest convenience.”

(still no documents)



What do you think?

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