Does anyone else get pissed when…


Does anyone else get pissed when customers interrupt you when you’re trying to explain important info to them? Or am I just over working in this stressful environment for almost 2 years now? 🤣

These people are so rude, entitled, and condescending (customers and colleagues alike) and I really have grown to hate this place. Please don’t get me wrong I’m grateful to have a job and can (barely) pay my bills but this job is starting to take a toll on my mental, emotion and now even physical health. I’m drained, burnt out and know theres more to life than this. I feel like the stress has made me look older than what I am. I feel stuck because out of my job searches this job seems to be the only one that pays the most that doesn’t require a degree (which I’m also working on so I can get out of customer service all together)…


I’m sorry y’all I guess I just needed to vent in a safe space without people telling me to “just be grateful” I know gratitude is the attitude and I try to apply that daily but something has GOT to give…


What do you think?

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