Are you Satan?

Many moons ago in the late 90s I worked for a call centre that did phone surveys. Most of our issues were with people asking how we got their number (it was a random dialer), but we’d occasionally get some odd people.
A coworker stopped after a call, and turned to look at the group in confusion.
This was her short but alarming phone call:

“*Introduction*… would you or anyone in your household be interested in doing a survey right now?”

*Deeply seriously* “Are you Satan?”

“Excuse me?”

*Dead serious* “Are. You. Satan.”

“Uhhhh….no? Sorry to…bother…you..” *hangs up*

The look on her face showed me this person wasn’t joking or messing around, looking back they might have been having some kind of psychosis, but they were Very Serious and my poor coworker had to take a short break to get herself together. We laughed about it, but mostly to shake off how creepy it was.

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