But I’m a loyal customer!


I work for a large mobile provider. Most of my calls center around billing questions, mostly “why is my bill so high?!”

I had a customer call in, and ask just that. I explained that he was charged a fee to have a payment arrangement set up, which we are required to disclose to all customers. There’s an entire screen with a disclaimer that we have to go through before we can even move forward with the process, so I know for a fact that this customer was advised of the minimal fee beforehand.

I explained his bill went up less than $10 because of the fee, and was met with, “but I’m a loyal customer. I deserve a credit for this.”

What this customer didn’t know is that on our main screen, we can see how long they’ve had service. He’s been a “loyal” customer for all of 3 months.

I bit my tongue, thanked him for his “loyalty,” but kindly explained that we cannot credit the payment arrangement fee. We went in circles for about 10 minutes with him demanding a credit, and me keeping firm in that he would not be receiving it.

“So this is how you treat your customers?! If you don’t credit my bill, I’m going to *other mobile provider*”

I apologized for the inconvenience and told him we appreciate his business and would hate to see him go. I found great joy in telling him that he would get a final bill that included the remaining balance of the two brand new phones he had device payments on should he decide to make the switch.

Loyal Customer did not get his $10 credit in the end. I hope he does switch providers though, so I never have the rare opportunity to speak with him again.


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