I had a customer threaten to hunt me for repeating his last name

So I worked for a cellphone call center. This guy was late on his bill but it was our fault not his, of course. The good part was in the beginning. I am required to verify first and last names. He refuses to give me his last name. I explain that I can see his last name on my screen and simply need him to verify for security. After 5 minutes he finally verifies and explicitly asks me not to use or address him by his last name.

Honest to God, out of habit I addressed him by his last name. I alway say Mr so and so or Mrs so and so.

He loses his mind.

He goes on a rampage in which he explains his father worked for the CIA and grandps was a Navy Seal. I appologize of course since it wasn’t my intention to upset him. He continues telling me that he has access to satellites and can actively see my location and that I’ll be seeing him.

Call was escalated to a supervisor. He was speaking to me as though he was a drill sergeant.

What do you think?

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But I’m a loyal customer!

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