A dead cat???

Had a caller the other day calling in because her cable was off, I let her know her services had been suspended due to nonpay and the best way to fix the problem is pay the past due amount, she kept screaming about how she didn’t understand why her cable would be shut off and how we should really treat our customers better(????)

That was bad enough, but while she was ranting and raving about how her services not working are really affecting her business and causing her to lose money(not really sure what kind of business 100% relies on having cable, but okay then) I was reading the notes on her account. The very first one said something along the Iines of “tech cannot install as the back half of the house is missing and is covered by plastic wrap, AH also has over 100 cats and there is a dead cat covered in cardboard, called sub to let the know tech cannot install due to the amount of cat “matter” in the home and to contact us after it was cleaned.”

Blew my fucking mind.

What do you think?

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