Man didn’t know what’s a power outlet and woman can’t read.


Two different customers, both chat support; first and second chats of today’s shift.

Man comes in claiming their laptop ain’t charging. Did the usual troubleshooting, didn’t have other chargers, so asked to try other power outlets.

Cx: It only has 1.

Me: Your house has only one power outlet?

Cx: No…

Me: What did you mean by “it only has 1”?

Cx: Is the power outlet in the laptop?

… thinking …

Me: Are you asking if the hole in the laptop, wherein you insert one end of the charger, is the power outlet?

Cx: Yes.

Me: Oh, no that’s the power port.

Hoping he’ll figure it out.

Cx: I don’t have other chargers.

Me: Yep, so I’m having you try other power outlets in your house?

Cx: How do they look?

What the fuck.

Me: It’s the white/beige holes in the walls where you plug electronics so they actually work.

Cx: Oh, that. Sure, let me try another.

I was left wondering, until now, what they must’ve called them if not a power outlet for their entire life.

That ended and this lady comes in:

Cx: Why am I enabled in App Store?

Me: You’re asking why you have and can access App Store?

Cx: Yes, why?

Me: It’s built-in because that’s where you get all apps.

Cx: I open it and it says I’m enabled, but I can’t download anything.

Me: Do you mean you’re DISABLED in App Store? Probably best if you can screenshot?

They sent a picture and yep, it says, “Your account is disabled in App Store.”


What do you think?

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